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 Hello from Italy!

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PostSubject: Hello from Italy!   Hello from Italy! Icon_minitimeFri 17 Feb - 13:06

Favorite Amiga games
Turrican 2
Supercars 2
Speedball 2
Cannon Fodder
Sensible Soccer
Sensible World Of Soccer
Manchester United Europe
The Chaos Engine

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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Italy!   Hello from Italy! Icon_minitimeFri 17 Feb - 22:26

Welcome chaosphere! Very Happy

Welcome to...
Hello from Italy! Amigao13

And thanks for joining us ! Very Happy
All forum features are now enabled.

The AmigaOnline Forum

•AmigaOnline : The Concept ! (All you need to know about this project)

•This forum especially includes :

Hello from Italy! Checke11 A huge list of contactable players (VIP Members)
Hello from Italy! Checke11 Many gaming networks bringing together the motivated players
Hello from Italy! Checke11 An impressive list of compatible games
Hello from Italy! Checke11 Some useful tutorials, tools & informations

On the other hand, don't expect a big discussion forum :
Players usually use private messages and chat features, better adapted to online gaming

Many gaming networks...

•You can play online today !
Hello from Italy! Red-ar12 Click HERE and choose your gaming networks ! Very Happy
Hello from Italy! Red-ar12 Please follow THIS TUTORIAL before joining a network

Supported games :
-The Chaos Engine
-Dyna Blaster
-Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
-Air Taxi
-Cold Blooded Murder
-Gravity Force 2
-Super Tennis Champs
-Brutal Homicide
...and many more !
> Free & Permanent Access ! (24/7) <

•If you wish to add more favorite games to the players list, it's HERE

...and players!

•If you want to organize a game or to be contacted by some players later :

1. Have a look at the AmigaOnline Players List as often as possible
2. Make sure you read your messages regularly (Emails/Private Messages)
You will be notified by email each time you will receive a Private Message (usually to play some of your favorite games online)
Please update your AmigaOnline profile if you need to change you personal email address later
Hello from Italy! Red-ar12 In everyone's interest, totally unreachable members will lose their VIP status and may be removed from the players list at any time
3. Read the new members introductions and have a look at their favorite games, it's usually a good way to find very motivated players
4. Join an existing gaming network

Looking for new players may sometimes take time. Please be patient !
Hello from Italy! Red-ar12 Feel free to contact other members who you think may be interested Smile

The AmigaOnline Team

•How to contribute to the AmigaOnline project ? Join The AmigaOnline Team ! Basketball

•Any questions or suggestions ? Contact : AmigaOnline (Admin)

Your account

Current Status: VIP

Hello from Italy! Checke11 Your member name is added to the AmigaOnline Players List
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can join the gaming networks
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can be contacted by other players very easily (online games, tournaments...)
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can contact other members
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can receive informations about your favorite games (support, networks, passwords...)
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You have full access to the forum (Tutorials, Online Packages...)
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can add more favorite games to the AmigaOnline Players List
Hello from Italy! Checke11 You can join The AmigaOnline Team

geek Have fun! geek
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Hello from Italy!

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