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Greetings from Portugal Aobann11
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 Greetings from Portugal

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PostSubject: Greetings from Portugal   Greetings from Portugal Icon_minitimeWed 8 Jun - 23:07

Hi there,

My name is Nuno and I'm from the Lisbon (Portugal).
I hope to find many fans to play good old Amiga Games.

I've run a portuguese BBS with Daydream BBS in the 90's for several years with an Amiga 1200.

My favorite games are: Alien Breed, Speedball 2, Settlers, Chaos Engine, Sensible Soccer, Skidmarks,
Pinball Illusions, Cannon Foder, Syndicate and a huge fan of amiga demos.

See you soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from Portugal   Greetings from Portugal Icon_minitimeThu 9 Jun - 4:52

Welcome Nuno! Smile

We are now 300 AmigaOnline members, and many of them have already introduced theselves here, so imho it will be easy to find some Amiga players there geek
And if you are lucky you may be contacted by some motivated Amiga fans later Smile

I hope you like all Amiga demos already available @ AmigaOnline too Wink

Have a nice day! Smile
AmigaOnline Admin

Greetings from Portugal Amigao23
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Greetings from Portugal

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