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 Hi there from Polish ex. Amiga joysticks destroyer.

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PostSubject: Hi there from Polish ex. Amiga joysticks destroyer.   Sat 20 Aug - 9:02

Hi all

31 year old Amiga fan from Poland here. (My nick here means "joystick" written in polish Razz - )

In year 1991 I was enjoying my Atari 65XE when a friend's parents bought him Amiga 500. It was cool. But then came 1992 and a disk labeled LOTUS Esprit Turbo Challenge
Disk went into the floppy drive and nothing was ever the same. I was like affraid - and for a long time.
I don't actually get what/how/where in this place, so let's start with just the Lotus series. I read the FAQ but still don't understand how this site works and how/when I'll be able to play with someone online.
My internet provider is bad. Really bad - so I've got pings up to 70-120 in my own country. Under 150 - some Germany servers and (if lucky) some France servers since my provider is owned by France Telecom (I guess). Never encountered any other country with acceptable ping in BF2 so don't know about others, maybe some eastern side of Poland qualifies too - don't know. Any other - worth a try. Smile
Hope such ping is enough for some co-op fun in Lotus (preferably 1 cause the great impact it had on me, but 2 and 3 are cool too).

I'm really looking forward to playing with someone. Got some great memories from many games, but now everybody "got old" or moved out and my real Amiga 600 in the garage is just collecting dust.

If someone here is from Poland - pozdro dla Amigowców!
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PostSubject: Re: Hi there from Polish ex. Amiga joysticks destroyer.   Sat 20 Aug - 9:35

Welcome to AmigaOnline, Dzojstik!

Playing Amiga games online is easy, but you may have to read the tutorials carefully in a first time and to download all required packages Smile All tutorials are useful, especially this one: http://amigaonline.forumactif.org/t139-how-to-join-the-game-server-when-the-game-is-just-installed Please contact me (via PM) if I can help you further.
I advise you to join the new AmigaOnline networks via Hamachi (e.g.: the Lotus 2 network). You'll find a dedicated tutorial there to help you start playing this wonderful game online easily Smile

If you need to find or to be contacted by some players:
-Have a look at the AmigaOnline Players List as often as possible
-Always make sure to read your messages regularly (Emails/Private Messages). You will be notified by email each time you will receive a Private Message (usually to play some of your favorite games online). Update your AmigaOnline profile if you need to change you personnal email address later. In everyone's interest, inactive members may be removed from the players list at any time (=peoples who don't read their messages for a long period of time (unreachable))
-Read the new members introductions and have a look at their favorite games, it's usually a good way to find very motivated players! Wink

Have a nice day,
AmigaOnline Admin


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Hi there from Polish ex. Amiga joysticks destroyer.

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