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 AmigaOnline Players List!

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Posts : 568
Join date : 2010-07-21
Location : France

PostSubject: AmigaOnline Players List!   Sun 20 Feb - 9:36

AmigaOnline Players List & Favorite Games
(Contactable players ONLY (VIP Members) / Work In Progress / Frequent Updates)

Commodore Amiga

Advantage Tennis: rasamiga, jojolito
Agony: emmanuelv, warhelm, largolgd, den, Tellurian, Max11, Biban
Air Taxi : [Fans welcomed!]
Alien Breed : emmanuelv, trams88, largolgd, checker620, ced_122, Zaphod, Max11
Alien Breed -Special Edition 1992- : [Fans welcomed!]
Alien Breed -Tower Assault- : largolgd, Max11
Alien Breed II -The Horror Continues- : Max11
Alien Syndrome : [Fans welcomed!]
Another World: trams88, largolgd, jarasb, ced_122, Max11, Biban, jojolito
Apidya: largolgd, tolkien
Arkanoid 2 -Revenge of Doh-: trams88
ATR -All Terrain Racing- : [Fans welcomed!]
Aztec Challenge : [Fans welcomed!]
Bagitman : [Fans welcomed!]
Bandit Kings of Ancient China: earlweaver
Barbarian -The Ultimate Warrior- : [Fans welcomed!]
Base Jumpers : [Fans welcomed!]
Battle Isle : Anarkhya, den, Gaze11e
Battle Squadron : Redone, djalf, largolgd, yukin, Max11, Ozzef, sfumato, lud, jcp_mj23
Beach Volley : jcp_mj23
Beneath a Steel Sky: woody.cool, largolgd
Benefactor: Max11
Black Crypt: Max11
BlitzBombers : AmigaOnline (Admin), virgilcorse
Blood Money : trams88, largolgd
Bloodwych : [Fans welcomed!]
Blue Max: lipy
Body Blows : [Fans welcomed!]
Bonanza Bros : [Fans welcomed!]
Brutal Homicide : Sidharta
Brutal Homicide 2: Sidharta
Brutal Sports Series Football : [Fans welcomed!]
Bubble Bobble : largolgd, leander
Budokan: den
Bugbomber : [Fans welcomed!]
Buggy Boy: Skraken
Cabal: eyeseet, largolgd, Skraken
Cadaver: largolgd
Cannon Fodder: trams88, Cheesy peas please, warhelm, largolgd, jarasb, Tellurian, chaosphere, Biban
Cannon Fodder 2: jarasb, Biban
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons : [Fans welcomed!]
Celtic Legends: Anarkhya, Max11
Chaos Strike Back: jojolito
Chaos Theory: trams88
Chuck Rock: Skraken, Ozzef
Civilization: biscuitofd00m
Cold Blooded Murder : AmigaOnline (Admin)
Colonization: biscuitofd00m
Commando : [Fans welcomed!]
Crazy Cars: largolgd, Biban
Crazy Cars 2: Redone, largolgd, Biban
Crazy Cars 3: largolgd, Biban
Cybernoid: trams88
Datastorm : [Fans welcomed!]
Day of the Tentacle: Viteazul
DeathTrap: jarasb
Deliverance: largolgd
Deluxe Galaga: toyamigo
Desert Strike: csico, largolgd, jcp_mj23
Dogfight : AmigaOnline (Admin), largolgd
Dogs of War: biscuitofd00m, Serious Al
Double Dragon: Skraken
Dragon Breed: trams88
Dragon's Lair: djalf, largolgd
Dune: Max11, Biban
Dune 2: Max11, Biban
Dungeon Master: largolgd, jojolito
Dyna Blaster : jayce_31, AmigaOnline (Admin), largolgd, as_shabnam, leander, neverhood, Magnolie, speedy16v, ced_122, jahfwed, anthonyjk987654, majax, junke, Max11, Biban
Earl Weaver Baseball: earlweaver
EbonStar : [Fans welcomed!]
Elfmania : [Fans welcomed!]
Elite: Gaze11e
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer: leander
Empire: Bigjimmy
Escape from Colditz: Ozzef
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters: dextar1
Extase : [Fans welcomed!]
Eye Of The Beholder: largolgd
Eye Of The Beholder 2: yukin
F-18 Interceptor: lipy
F1 : [Fans welcomed!]
Faery Tale: Bigjimmy, lud
Fighter Bomber: Ozzef
Fightin' Spirit : [Fans welcomed!]
Final Fight : djalf, largolgd, Jerrican
Fire & Ice: largolgd
Fire Power : Gabba, largolgd
First Samouraï: largolgd, Max11
Flashback: keiriann, trams88, warhelm, largolgd, den, jarasb, Tellurian, Max11, Biban
Frontier -Elite 2-: biscuitofd00m
Fury of the Furries: Max11
Future Basketball: Serious Al
Garrison : [Fans welcomed!]
Garrison II -The Legend Continues- : [Fans welcomed!]
Gauntlet II : yukin
Gazza's Super Soccer: biscuitofd00m
Gee Bee Air Rally: jcp_mj23
Genesia: largolgd, Biban
Gloom Deluxe : [Fans welcomed!]
Goal! : chaosphere
Gods: trams88, djalf, largolgd, chaosphere, jcp_mj23
Golden Axe : largolgd, Max11, Biban, Skraken
Gravity: Sidharta
Gravity-Force : [Fans welcomed!]
Gravity Force 2 : AmigaOnline (Admin), largolgd
Great Courts: Jerrican
Great Courts 2 : jahfwed, lud
Gunship 2000: Gaze11e
Guy Spy: csico
Hammerfist: biscuitofd00m
Heimdall: den
HeroQuest: largolgd
HeroQuest 2 -Legacy of Sorasil-: keiriann
Hook: largolgd
Hybris: largolgd, sfumato
IK+ : trams88, largolgd, toyamigo, Skraken, Madmanjr
Ikari Warriors: ced_122
Indianapolis 500: Biban, jcp_mj23
Indy Heat : [Fans welcomed!]
Infestation: trams88
International Cricket (PD): biscuitofd00m
Interphase: trams88
It Came from the Desert: alemot, jcp_mj23
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road : [Fans welcomed!]
Jaguar XJ220: largolgd, biscuitofd00m, munjunior, jahfwed, Zaphod, Biban, Jerrican
Jet Set Willy: trams88
Jetstrike: Gaze11e
Jim Power: largolgd
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour: jojolito
Joust: jojolito
Jumpin Jack'son: lud, jcp_mj23
Kick Off: biscuitofd00m, DrChaos, jojolito
Kick Off 2 : lipy, Redone, biscuitofd00m, DrChaos, lud, jcp_mj23, Serious Al
King's Quest: yukin
Knock Out 2 : [Fans welcomed!]
L'Aigle D'Or -Le Retour-: Tellurian
Lamborghini American Challenge : [Fans welcomed!]
Leander: leander, Max11
Leatherneck: Leatherface
Lemmings : Anarkhya, trams88, woody.cool, djalf, yukin, ced_122, jahfwed, majax, Biban, quigonjinn, virgilcorse
Lionheart : emmanuelv, largolgd
Llamatron -2112- : [Fans welcomed!]
Lords of the Rising Sun: Bigjimmy
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge : Gabba, eyeseet, woody.cool, djalf, largolgd, toyamigo, DrChaos, Uco, speedy16v, majax, Biban, lud, jcp_mj23, quigonjinn
Lotus III -The Ultimate Challenge- : Gabba, largolgd, jarasb, DrChaos, Biban
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 : Gabba, woody.cool, largolgd, Viteazul, leander, jarasb, DrChaos, Tellurian, jahfwed, Biban
Magic Pockets : dextar1, djalf
Major Motion : [Fans welcomed!]
Manchester United Europe: chaosphere
Maniac Mansion: alemot
Manic Miner: trams88
Marble Madness : [Fans welcomed!]
Master Blaster: AmigaOnline (Admin), fury147, Nichtraucher, Mendroc
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Posts : 568
Join date : 2010-07-21
Location : France

PostSubject: Re: AmigaOnline Players List!   Mon 14 Nov - 9:43

Menace: toyamigo
Micro Machines : Jerrican, jojolito
Midnight Resistance : largolgd
Millennium 2.2: alemot
MineRunner : ced_122
Minskies Furballs -The Abduction- : [Fans welcomed!]
Moktar: largolgd
Monkey Island: djalf, Viteazul
Monopoly: biscuitofd00m
Moonstone -A Hard Days Knight- : lipy, Gabba, largolgd, Viteazul, den, Zaphod, Max11, Biban, lud
Mortal Kombat : eyeseet, jarasb, Max11
Mortal Kombat 2: woody.cool, jarasb, Max11
Naughty Ones : [Fans welcomed!]
Nebulus: trams88
New Zealand Story: largolgd, jcp_mj23
Nicky Boom: largolgd
Nitro : largolgd, Serious Al
North & South : Anarkhya, earlweaver, alemot, largolgd, Viteazul, den, Gaze11e, gvf0, Zaphod, majax, rasamiga, geachi86, Biban, Ozzef, lud, jcp_mj23, quigonjinn, jojolito
Oil Imperium: Gabba, alemot, DrChaos
Obliterator: lipy
Out Run: toyamigo, munjunior
Over the Net : [Fans welcomed!]
Pang : mv1200, djalf, largolgd, jahfwed, Sidharta, jcp_mj23, quigonjinn, jojolito
Panza Kick Boxing : largolgd, rasamiga, jojolito
Parasol Stars -The Story of Rainbow Islands II- : largolgd, Skraken, Jerrican
Persian Gulf Inferno: lipy
Pinball Dreams : largolgd, toyamigo, checker620, anthonyjk987654, Biban, lud
Pinball Fantasies : largolgd, Biban
Pinball Illusions : largolgd, toyamigo, checker620, Biban
Pirates!: djalf, rasamiga, lud
Plotting : [Fans welcomed!]
Plutos: leander
Pong: ced_122
Populous: largolgd
Ports Of Call : Bigjimmy, warhelm, DrChaos
Power Struggle : [Fans welcomed!]
Powermonger: biscuitofd00m
PP Hammer: largolgd
Prince of Persia: trams88, largolgd, jarasb, ced_122, Skraken, jcp_mj23, jojolito
Project-X: trams88, largolgd, den, chaosphere, Max11
Projectyle : [Fans welcomed!]
Quick Money : [Fans welcomed!]
Qwak : woody.cool, largolgd, ced_122
R-Type: trams88, Biban, sfumato, lud, jcp_mj23
Railroad Tycoon: biscuitofd00m
Rainbow Islands : largolgd, jcp_mj23
Rally Cross Challenge : [Fans welcomed!]
Rampart : [Fans welcomed!]
Rick Dangerous : trams88, ced_122, Skraken, Biban, lud, jcp_mj23, jojolito
Rick Dangerous 2: Tellurian, Biban
Rodland : largolgd
Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Bigjimmy
Scorched Tanks: Zaphod
Second Samouraï : largolgd, Max11, Madmanjr
Sensible Soccer: Bigjimmy, warhelm, biscuitofd00m, chaosphere, jahfwed, Max11, rasamiga, Ozzef
Sensible World of Soccer : alemot, csico, biscuitofd00m, chaosphere, rasamiga
Shadow Fighter : [Fans welcomed!]
Shadow Of The Beast: djalf, largolgd, xenoxeno, jcp_mj23
Shadow Of The Beast 2: djalf, largolgd
Shadow Of The Beast 3: djalf, largolgd, Max11
Shufflepuck Cafe: largolgd, jarasb
Silk Worm : Redone, Ozzef, jcp_mj23
Simon The Sorcerer: emmanuelv, djalf, largolgd
Skidmarks : largolgd, chaosphere
SkyChase : [Fans welcomed!]
Sneech : [Fans welcomed!]
Space Crusade: warhelm, largolgd
Speedball : djalf, largolgd, DrChaos, Sidharta, xenoxeno, quigonjinn, Serious Al
Speedball 2 -Brutal Deluxe- : largolgd, biscuitofd00m, leander, Tellurian, chaosphere, jahfwed, Max11, Biban, jcp_mj23, Jerrican, quigonjinn, jojolito
Spherical : trams88
Spy vs Spy : [Fans welcomed!]
Spy vs Spy II -The Island Caper- : [Fans welcomed!]
Spy vs Spy III -Arctic Antics- : [Fans welcomed!]
Star Control : [Fans welcomed!]
Stardust : Max11
Steel Devils : [Fans welcomed!]
Street Fighter II -The World Warrior- : eyeseet, djalf, largolgd
Stunt Car Racer : Redone, Uco, checker620, Gaze11e, Magnolie, munjunior, xenoxeno, Biban, jcp_mj23
Super Cars: largolgd, Magnolie, Biban
Super Cars II : Gabba, largolgd, biscuitofd00m, den, chaosphere, Biban
Super Foul Egg : [Fans welcomed!]
Super Hang-On: woody.cool, jcp_mj23
Super Sprint: jojolito
Super Stardust: Max11
Super Tennis Champs : [Fans welcomed!]
Super Tetris : [Fans welcomed!]
Superfrog: emmanuelv, csico, largolgd, den
Supremacy: biscuitofd00m
SWIV : trams88, largolgd, jcp_mj23
Syndicate: csico, largolgd, Viteazul, Gaze11e
Tankkk: AmigaOnline (Admin)
Tennis Cup II : [Fans welcomed!]
Test Drive: jcp_mj23
Test Drive 2: jcp_mj23
The Blues Brothers: Biban, jcp_mj23
The Brain Blasters : [Fans welcomed!]
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Posts : 568
Join date : 2010-07-21
Location : France

PostSubject: Re: AmigaOnline Players List!   Sun 8 Apr - 0:17

The Chaos Engine : Cheesy peas please, csico, djalf, largolgd, biscuitofd00m, toyamigo, Tellurian, chaosphere, ced_122, Jerrican
The Chaos Engine 2: csico
The Killing Game Show: largolgd
The Last Ninja: kloden
The Lost Patrol: den
The Settlers : AmigaOnline (Admin), largolgd, biscuitofd00m, Viteazul, jarasb, PiIIar Of Fire, speedy16v, ced_122, Sidharta, Max11, Mendroc, Biban
Time Bandit : [Fans welcomed!]
Toki : Skraken, jcp_mj23
Total Football : [Fans welcomed!]
Transplant : [Fans welcomed!]
Trick or Treat : [Fans welcomed!]
Troddlers : largolgd
Tubular Worlds : [Fans welcomed!]
Turbo Raketti : [Fans welcomed!]
Turrican: largolgd, yukin, Max11, jcp_mj23, Jerrican
Turrican 2: Cheesy peas please, djalf, largolgd, biscuitofd00m, Tellurian, chaosphere, Max11
Turrican 3: Max11
TV Sports Baseball : [Fans welcomed!]
TV Sports Basketball : jcp_mj23
TV Sports Football : [Fans welcomed!]
Twintris : [Fans welcomed!]
Ugh! : [Fans welcomed!]
Universal Warrior: warhelm
Unreal: lud
Uridium 2 : [Fans welcomed!]
Virocop : [Fans welcomed!]
Volfied : [Fans welcomed!]
Walker: Gaze11e, Max11
Warzone: Max11, Jerrican
Wayne Gretzky Hockey : [Fans welcomed!]
Wembley International Soccer : [Fans welcomed!]
Wings : Gabba, Anarkhya, Bigjimmy, Uco, Biban, lud, jcp_mj23
Winter Games: DrChaos
Wiz 'n' Liz : [Fans welcomed!]
Wizball: [Fans welcomed!]
Worms: jarasb, Biban, virgilcorse
X-Out: trams88
Xenon 2 Megablast: trams88, Tellurian, Jerrican
XTreme Racing : [Fans welcomed!]
Yo! Joe! : Max11
Z-Out : [Fans welcomed!]
Zack: alemot
Zero Gravity: leander
Zool: largolgd
Zoom!: leander
Zynaps: trams88

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PostSubject: Re: AmigaOnline Players List!   

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AmigaOnline Players List!

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